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10 Weeks Comprehensive MRI Program (Live & Virtual Training) – This 10 week Comprehensive MRI Course is designed to provide entry-level and experienced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) students with a comprehensive knowledge of fundamental concepts and clinical applications of MRI. This course can be used to prepare ARRT or NMTCB certified imaging professionals (radiographers, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, and sonographers) to take the Post Primary ARRT MRI Registry. Emphasis will be given in the areas of sequence parameters and options, data acquisition and processing, physical principals and image formation, patient care, and imaging procedures.

*MRI 10 Week Course has three starts a year – January, March, July, and September 

This Comprehensive 10 Weeks Course includes:

  • “Live Lectures” – Voluntary 10 sessions (Weekly Webinars/ live interactions with faculty all you need is your computer to join and participate).
  • Online Course Materials- online videos, demonstrations, handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and forum interaction with students and instructors
  • Certificate of completion (must participate fully to receive certificate)
    • Certificate of completion will indicate with or without clinical completion option

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Describe how the MRI signal is created.
  2. Explain the tissue characteristics (TI, T2, PD, and T2*)
  3. Describe how the MRI signal is spatially localized and how the MRI image is formed.
  4. Describe the standard MRI systems and purposes such as magnet, radiofrequency, coils, and gradients.
  5. Recognize pulse sequences and trade-off in parameters and explain how these affect the image quality
  6. Identify MRI artifacts and discuss the origins and prevention
  7. Describe the safety and biological issues associated with MR imaging procedures.
  8. Explain MRI Exams and Procedures
  9. Identify Cross-sectional Anatomy in different imaging planes


Two Payment Methods:

July 15, 2021 Start  (2 Slots left)

Full Payment Due: June 12, 2021($1,800)


Split Payment 1: $900

Due: May 15, 2021

Split Payment 2: $900

Due: June 12, 2021

Onsite Clinic Fee: $ 2,000

Clinic is Provided Only for Students who are enrolled in this 10 Weeks Comprehensive Program and Request Assistance at Registration.

Payment in full 1 month before the student plans to start clinic

Clinical Tuition includes

  • Professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance for Clinical Practice

This Course Meets ARRT Education Requirements

Candidates for post-primary certification and registration must meet two sets of requirements: certification and registration by ARRT (except where noted) in an appropriate supporting discipline and completion of clinical experience requirements. Beginning in 2016, structured education requirements must also be complete. (Verbiage taken from ARRT Handbook)

This Comprehensive course meets both the structured education and clinical experience requirement.

** If you are a student who is working in MRI or your job is allowing you to gain your clinical experience through cross-training, you will only need the didactic (classroom) portion of this program.

Synchronous Online Virtual Classes

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10 Week Course Schedule 

Week 1 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 1

   Basic Principles and Relaxation Mechanisms/ Contrast Mechanism  

Week 2 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 2

Spatial Encoding and Image


Week 3 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 3



Week 4 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 4


Week 5 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 5 

Pulse Sequences

Week 6 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 6

 Image Parameters

Week 7 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 7

Image Artifacts

Week 8 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 8

Motion & Flow Phenomena

Week 9 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 9

Safety, Procedures and sectional anatomy

  • Head & Neck, includes neuro
  • Spine
  • Abd/Pelvis
  • Thorax
  • Musculoskeletal
Week 10 Ten Week MRI Course – Session 10

  • Comprehensive Final Quiz
    • Content covers weekly quizzes



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